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Staff are prepared to handle an essential range of potential emergencies while at camp.  While we hope to not need to employ these protocols, it is essential that all staff are familiar with them.


The primary means of communication between the Camp Director and staff will be Group Chat/WhatsApp. The Camp Director will use this to communicate any emergency situations. 


  1. The Camp will have a fire drill on the first day of all camps.

  2. Upon discovering a fire, campers and staff are permitted to sound the building alarm and must evacuate the area.

  3. In case of fire, campers and staff are to gather in the designated area and seat themselves according to groups.

  4. Each Program staff is responsible for counting their group and notifying the Camp Coordinator of the group's attendance. Camp staff are permitted to notify emergency services if required.

  5. Camp staff / Camp Director must notify the relevant campus authority of the situation



  1. Upon noticing a camper is unaccounted for, the staff member responsible for supervising the camper will conduct a search of the immediate area and check in with other campers to determine where the camper is. Staff will remain calm to avoid alarming campers.

  2. If the camper is still not found, camp staff will notify all other staff and camp directors of missing person via Chat/WhatsApp. If necessary, staff will provide a description of height, weight, hair colour and clothing.

  3. Ensuring that all campers remain supervised, all available staff will search the area where the camper was last seen. This should include bathrooms, dining areas, classrooms, and all dormitories (if applicable).

  4. If the camper is not found within 20 minutes the Camp Director will institute a public search by contacting the local authorities and the camper’s parents. Work with local authorities who will provide further instruction.

  5. Staff will ensure that through the search, all campers are supervised and cared for. Staff will remain calm and positive. Activities will continue to run.

  6. All accidents / injuries are to be documented and enclosed in the camper file.


  1. Before taking part in outdoor activities, camp staff will ensure that weather conditions are appropriate to ensure camper safety.

  2. In the event of a weather warning issued by National Weather Service/Environment Canada, all camp activities will take place indoors.

  3. Upon hearing thunder, all campers and staff will move indoors. The Camp Director will listen for thunder and give the all clear to go outside

  4. In the event of severe rain causing flooding or landslides, staff will evacuate their campers from any at-risk buildings. Campers and staff should seek higher ground if necessary. Staff will conduct frequent counts to ensure all campers are accounted for.

  5. In the case of any other natural disaster, staff will act at all times to ensure their safety and the safety of any campers in their care. Staff will ensure that they are communicating with other staff and directors via WhatsApp, in order to respond effectively to changing conditions.


  1. All visitors are required to check in with the Camp Director upon arrival. All campers, staff and visitors are to wear their Debate Camp lanyard and nametag so they can be easily identified. Camp Directors will be familiar with any other camps happening at the same time at the school, as well as the school’s policy on visitors.

  2. Upon noticing an unfamiliar person, camp staff will note their physical description, and a description of their car and license plate, if applicable. Camp staff will attempt to ascertain who the person is, and why they are here. Staff will be polite and give assistance where necessary. If appropriate staff will refer the person to the camp director to check in. If staff instructs a person to leave, they will observe the person until they have left the camp site.

  3. Campers will be instructed to notify staff of any unfamiliar persons. Staff will never allow a visitor to interact with campers until they have checked in with a director.

  4. If the unfamiliar person is threatening or suspicious in any way staff will evacuate themselves and their campers to a safe area. Staff will immediately notify other staff and directors of any threatening person via Chat/WhatsApp. If necessary, a camp director will initiate the lockdown procedure.


  1. Camp staff will be notified of a lock-down procedure via Group Chat/WhatsApp. Lockdown procedure will be reviewed in training and on the first day of camp. 

  2. ALL staff are to usher campers to classrooms / rooms with doors that can be closed and preferably locked. Where possible, doors are to be barricaded and windows covered.

  3. Campers and staff are to remain quietly behind closed / locked doors, seated low in areas non-visible from doors and windows.

  4. Campers and staff are to remain in these areas until instructed to leave the building safely and follow the instructions of law enforcement.





1. What do you do with your camper group in a fire or natural disaster? 

2. What steps would you take if you notice a camper is missing from your group? 

3. You notice someone not a part of Debate Camp on site. What do you do? 

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