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Debate Camp's original program, developed in 2002 - now back and available in Canada & US locations. A summer memory-maker combo of enrichment and traditional camp programming.

Debate Camp's Overnight Camp is one of our signature programs and has been bringing debate campers together since 2002.  It is the most comprehensive of our summer offerings, with unlimited enrichment and debate opportunities at all levels.  Alongside more program time and a great memory-making week for everyone, comes added staff responsibilities in each of the following areas:


At Overnight Debate Camp you, as a staff member, are responsible for knowing the full health history of all campers in your care; inclusive of all allergies, dietary restrictions, (if) any issues impacting sleep, interaction with others and / or any medications they might be taking / brining to camp.  This information is available to Camp Directors and all Program Staff previous to camper arrivals. 


An important aspect of Overnight Debate Camp is that staff are assigned a group of 6 - 8 campers for the week, that they will know in advance via a review of the camper information forms submitted during the registration process.  It is the staff members's responsibility to know each of the 8 campers as well as possible, given the information provided, before their arrival at camp and to ensure any program elements (including meals and recreational blocks) are safe experiences for your camper group.


Overnight Debate Camp has a program that is designed to provide educational and recreational (games & activities) for all campers from 8:30am until 10:00pm / lights out.  Downtimes and transit-times are a natural part of the day as well, and all must be an area staff are prepared to be present for.  Campers are not to be left unattended in their dorm rooms for any extended period of time and all staff and campers follow a schedule of activities and program blocks outlined for the week.

Things to watch for at Overnight Debate Camp:

 - excessive phone use

-  healthy levels of participation in program

-  forming of appropriate relations with fellow campers and staff

-  being on time for scheduled activities

-  having enough sleep and eating well


All Program Staff participate in and design program for all parts of the camp day, including late afternoon and evening programs.  These are often recreational in nature and all staff are expected to be part of Debate Camp's very full day, and to ensure campers are safely in their dorms in the evening.  

Debate Overnight Camp also has (location dependent) some off-campus group outings; sometimes for sightseeing (theme related) or for an optional swim.  Debate Camp staff are required to assist in the organization and supervision of these outings.





1. What should you keep in mind when “knowing your camp group”?

2. What does “expanding duty of care” refer to?

3. What document must you read to be aware of all camp guidelines, rules, regulations, and procedures?

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